Ok, so winter is finally coming to an end and dressing head to toe in black and looking like Darth Vader suddenly feels very un-expectable. So here is some TEN tips and facial favourites to share with you for spring.


First things first lets exfoliate the old so we can begin to see the new! One of our favorites for the body is - Sanctuary Spa ultimate salt scrub, your skin feels utterly soft after using this and it smells so fresh. For the face we vote Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, a facial exfoliating peel. Leave on the face for 15 minutes and then simply wash off. Easy.  


Very predictable - Water, and lots of it! Here at Ten Studio we are the worlds worst for forgetting to drink regular amounts. Water is the main ingredient to a healthy mind and body. Trade your morning coffee for lemon with hot water and you will feel fresh and cleansed to start your day. 


A good morning & night cleansing routine is the key to dewy skin - We have tried lots of different products but the one that works best for our normal to oily skin and doesn't give us breakouts is Clarins Cleansing Milk and Toner. A French favourite of ours is Bioderma Cleansing Water. A great product always found in French pharmacy's, our go to place for skincare.


We are suckers for a great face mask and love trying new products on the market. Here are some we have tried and just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

  • Sephora Pearl Facemask - Sheet masks that smell amazing and totally soothe the skin because of their cold temperature and gel like feel.
  • Tony Moly 'I'm Real' Facemask's - Natural Ingredients are used for these cheap yet completely effective sheet masks. Like Avocado masks for Nutrition and Aloe Vera for Moisture they tell you what effect they will have on your skin which makes it suitable for us all ! Yay !
  • Glamglow Youth Mud - this may be slightly more expensive but a little goes a long way! 


A product we both love is Egyptian Magic - A all natural healing skin cream made from Bees Wax (whats not to love) We find this great for dry skin. Use on  lips, feet, face, knees, elbows ... all over really! This is just one of those go to products you can use for pretty much anything. 


Photoshoots = raid the MUA's Make-Up bag and ask all sorts of Beauty Tip questions. Totally what we did on our recent shoot. We were advised by our lovely Gloria to try - Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray, a hydrating facial mist. This can be used on bare skin as a base or over your makeup. Its so refreshing, we are sold!!


Now here is a bit of home remedy action we should all get our hands oily for and something that is guaranteed to give your skin a lift -

Geranium oil / Rose oil ( dependant on personal taste) Mix about 6-8 drops in to a small pot of almond oil, mix together and every morning after a bath or shower whilst your pores are open, moisturise into your body avoiding the face. This will uplift you whilst moisturising your skin with the purest of natural oil. The smell alone leaves you feeling more relaxed and totally chilled.


Sleep is so important for our skin, and we all know what we look like when we haven't had enough of it. Bags down to our ankles and a grey look to our completion, its not attractive. If you know your going to be having a late night and early wake up call we suggest sleeping in a mask. Mixing a good moisturiser and a soft facial oil together and applying a thin layer works a treat. It soaks into the pours and allows you to wake up looking a lot less puffy!

Our Favourites - La Mer Moisturising Cream or Embryolisse Lait Creme (another French favourite) add a few drops of Loreal Extraordinary Facial Oil and your good to sleep. We don't advise doing this if you suffer with oily skin as it's too much moisture for your skin to handle and you will wake up looking VERY shiny.  


With our summer vacations not quite close enough we say fake it! We like to subtly fake it with some St Tropez Facial Tanning Oil. We find this to be the most natural facial tanner and a nice step away from the grey tones of January & February. Apply this with some tanning gloves adding just a few drops for a natural glow. 


Ok there you have it, by now you should have the most glowing goddess skin around. BUT if all else fails we say apply the... Highlighter and lots of it!

We have found MAC Strobe Cream to be the most effective and comes in a number of different shades to suit your skin tone. A must have for your bag though would have to be Maybellines Master Strobing Stick, beware its so easy and quick to apply it can become rather addictive !! 


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